Painting and cleaning and cleaning some more!

Today I am off, as I am off all Friday’s til Labour Day and heading to Dad’s. Today we paint and clean and then clean some more, just as the title suggests! Have I mentioned I hate painting? I’d rather kneel on salt…and yes have had to do that once or twice when I was a wee one and stubborn as all get go.

We are moving Dad to another apartment in a house for the beginnign of August and since we have access to the place now, we are doing all the stuff prior to the move. I should get my weekends back in August (yay!).

Food was good yesterday and will be so today - one thing about not being home is not being tied to the fridge. Exercise…well none at the gym anyways. Will work on that, definitely.

Anyways, got to run! 820am and I told Dad I would be there for 9am or so.

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