Gone but not forgotten!

I have disappeared yet again eh? Well life has been really busy. From Friday AM to Sun PM, I am either with Dad getting his new place ready or working at the PT job.

Wednesday I work and I’ve also been picking up extra shifts here and there so I have not had any real ME time. This weekend, Saturday is MY day. I am sleeping in and doing nothing. Sunday I have to drive out to my Grandma’s and fix her computer…and Monday…restart.

I really HATED typing that word. RESTART - it really is like a naughty word to me now, because I should be done, I should be enjoying my hard work, but alas - it didn’t/doesn’t work that way, no easy sailing, it is so easy to fall off track.

But yes, August (well July 31st) I will be making myself a schedule to follow re: working out and I will be counting calories. I would like to lose my extra 20/25lbs by my 35th (eek!) which is October 21st and then continue on and hopefully reach goal by 2007. That seems so far away but then again, it is July almost August, this year seems to be speeding by me so I’m sure 2007 will be here before I know it.

So although my title suggests I’m gone, I really am not, I will be back in 1 week today, regrouped…back to the gym I will go, back to going for walks after work at the Pier, back to healthy eating and counting my calories. Back to my size 8…then maybe a 6…maybe. But I will be back.

Well the scale shows me up today, one pound - but I was down one pound on Thursday. Between Thursday and today, I have been very good in the food department but my liquid intake has sucked, mostly pop yesterday (diet, zero calories) and it was quite hot yesterday so I’m pretty sure I’m retaining water.

But I didn’t want not to post and update my weight just because the scale is being a tad difficult. So yeah…official weight today, 164.6lbs, and no - this doesn’t say “Trish get your ass to the gym“, do you know how much I moved yesterday? I worked from 930am to 6pm…not stop painting, cleaning, vaccuming. I burned a heck of a lot of calories, all in 90 degree heat with tons of humidity.

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