Long Day

So it is 1122pm…hey - wasn’t that the time I posted yesterday? OoooOooooooo…anywho, it is 1122pm and I’m zonked. Worked from 9am to 4pm, then 6pm to 910pm. Then from there to the gym. Yes, folks - another gym night. That makes four workouts so far out of the five I want to get in this week.

Food…no real issues - in that if I don’t buy it, I won’t eat it. Being at Shopper’s (PT job) though is hard, because it puts everything at debit card reach…especially the Breast Cancer M&Ms! But, I once again bypassed those, though I honestly can say, I almost allowed myself to buy them.

Found out tonight, that I don’t have four days off next week like I thought and requested. I am working Friday and have to go in first thing Saturday to do my order. I was disappointed because I had requested it and I have worked ALL long weekends this summer. Ah well, I guess almost three is good too.

I think the gym will be the workout tomorrow. Still have the blister on my ankle and the blister bandaids really aren’t helping that much. Ah well, as long as I get five in, I will be a happy Trish.

Oh…and tomorrow should be weigh day, but I am torn, it is/was PMS week and I seriously don’t wish to see a gain especially so early on in my hard restart. I think I will delay until next Saturday.

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