Can I just imagine working out?

I am seriously having a hard time getting motivated to go the gym. Day 2 of the week and here I sit at home. My food is good though, that is the only good part. I just…don’t know - I know I need to go to the gym, that is how I lose weight, watching my calories barely gives me a weight loss, it is the gym that does it.

I know one small excuse for not going to the gym is some “me” time. I have barely had any since last Tuesday, the rest of the week and on into the weekend was family, no me alone time really, except for the nights and by then I was too exhausted to enjoy it. Me time is really important to me.

But yes, still sounds like an excuse eh?

And 2 more to go. Yes, I did go to the gym afterwork. Even if I didn’t get there until almost 10pm, I did go. I blame the 10pm thing on Jackie as she was suppose to be my Cash1 girl but she cried “busy” and so another one stood in for her. One of the new employees (no not Shay…she cried “too busy” too and called in another to replace her!) and so…there I was about to walk out at 915 (still considered a late close by the majority of supervisors) and it is noticed she forgot her stamps and lotto. So yeah…another late close for me…go figure :P

Got to the gym, quickly changed and did 30min on the Arc and 15min on the treadmill, burning approximately 580 calories, give or take. I’m tired. It is 1121pm, strike that, 1122pm :P Off to bed!

FYI: Food was great…even managed to resist the Breast Cancer M&M display at work. Oh, and I bypassed the Turtle ice cream brought in to celebrate one of our managers birthday. Had it been Rolo (OMG YUM!) I would have had to walk out of the building in order to keep from having a bowl full. Hey…I know my limits!

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