Disappearing Act

Monday, day off from both jobs and I had some running around to do. So decided, no restart that day I would restart Tuesday.

Tuesday, woke up at 530am and had a pretty bad headache. Unlike me…I had nothing in the house to take for it. Reset the alarm for 630am…still headache. 730am…still, 830am realized I wasn’t going to make it to work and called into work to get major attitude from my boss. Decided I couldn’t care less and then remembered I still had some percocets left from surgery last year. Took one, went back to bed.

11am rolls around, still had headache, took another percocet which was a big mistake. 1230pm, vomiting and headache now moved to front of head. Vomiting off and on til 8pm at night. Forgot percocet gave me awful headaches and nausea. The heat also…did not help. It was awful. And had I been “on plan” I wouldn’t have gone to the gym in it, that is for sure.

Wednesday still not feeling like myself, but worked both jobs, got in at almost 11pm as I went to my father’s after. Thursday, worked and then headed to my fathers to teach him how to use his computer and internet. Got in at 930pm.

Friday work both jobs, one at 7am…finish at 9pm - come home to 7 kittens. Clean up mess, go to bed. Saturday, get up go to Dad’s drive him to Canadian Tire, go to work for 1pm and finish at 6pm. So tired! Sunday work 11-5pm, come home and laze on couch for the remainder of the night, feeling like I could stay there (on the couch) forever.

Today, was a stat holiday, though one where the stores are allowed to be open if they want though time and a half must be paid to those that work it. I worked it, 10-5pm. I am now here, so very tired. It is 730pm. I feel like I have not had any time to myself in months though of course that is exaggeration. But still.

And believe me, I have been around long enough to know that these are all excuses, but I knew another week wouldn’t kill me and seriously…I really had not time to concentrate on me anyways.

Tomorrow, the plan is to maybe go to the gym. I say maybe because I have to find some clothes to wear. The shirts I wore before? Too tight, they were tight before, but tonight I put one on and eek! Also I need a new bag as the one I have…stinks like - well sweaty yucky stuff. I tried putting some fabric softener sheets in it but that didn’t work. Everytime I put it in the car, the car reeks! A new bag is necessary. I thought it was my shoes, but it is not.

Well this post is getting overly long. I am back…promise. Time to buckle down. I am not at all happy with what I am right now, what my body feels like, how it makes me feel. So time to fix things, once more.

Oh…and like Jackie, I am thinking of joining a running clinic for the fall when it cools down :)

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