Friday, Let's Ramble!

Well the scale didn't move this morning so now on to fat loss, the past four days was water weight, but still peeps, my jeans fit SO much better in the stomach and legs. 6lbs of a lot!

I forgot my dinner today at home. I work the 2nd job tonight so thank goodness I work in a drugstore, I can find a shake to drink or a bar to eat for dinner. I just ate a bagel with cream cheese in hopes that it will help the workout tonight (yes, after 2nd job). I was thinking about what I consumed on Wednesday and the long day I had then (11 hours of work between the two jobs) and comparing to today (13 hours) that I thought a carb loaded breaky would definitely help.

As noted (I think) I was going to have a free meal on Saturday...but I forgot I have a baby shower on Monday, scheduled at dinner time and I cannot bring my protein shake with me, lol. So I'm thinking the DDP will have to hold fast til Monday evening.

I can say that I am feeling wonderful. My jeans, pants are fitting loads better and my tummy is not buldging, nice and flat. My waist is leaning out and I don't feel like I'm going backwards. This is what I needed to get me going again. It would be nice to be able to stay on the DDP til I lost the 20lbs, but not sure I can go that long, but one day at a time right?

I work all weekend this weekend, my doing as I wasn't scheduled for today or Saturday, but the shifts were available so I took them. Which is good, I need to put aside some moulah for some stuff going on in August with Family.

Oh and can I say something? I have been battling bras for AGES. WIth the weight gain the girls were being squooshed into a lacy concoction that just couldn't hold them up like they should be. So I went bra shopping and found a brand that treats my girls beautifully, of which of course I cannot think of the name, now that I am blogging on about my jasminelive experiences. Only thing I hate is the strap adjustment piece that if you pull on it moving it a bit more up or down the shoulder, the adjustment will change a bit, a needle and thread should stop this.

Also it is not lacy, well in certain areas it is, but I can wear a white tshirt and the pattern on my bra won't show through :) The bra makes me feel feminine and puts the girls back up where they belong. Got to love the affects of aging and weightloss on your girls!


For those on my notify list, do you like being there, is it usefull, is that how/when you visit? I have been getting bogus emails in the database daily since the beginning of the month, like someone is hoping I will send out notification and then be accused of spamming Yahoo (that is the main account being used), so I am thinking of stopping the notifications. What say you?


Gym...done! I MAY go tomorrow too for four days, but don't want to push it (calorie issue re: DDP).

Drastic Diet Plan

Yesterday was a good day, up til I got to the gym at 10pm. I was feeling good all day but once I got on the arc trainer, my energy level plummeted and it took all of me, to stay on it for 30min. It seriously wore me out, after 45min (moved to walk on the treadmill for the last 15), I had nothing more in me to give.

Though unfortunately, it didn't wear me out enough to sleep. What a crap night! I didn't get to bed til 1230am, because I wasn't tired and then was up at 330am sitting at the desktop trying to waste some time on 4am finds me back in bed tossing and turning, cuddling the cat...but not sleeping.

The only thing that got me out of bed this morning was the opportunity to go to bed tonight around 530pm, lol. I woke up in a daze, foggy minded; my body felt super heavy.

I have my blood tests tonight at 415pm so I am leaving work at 2pm as I have some running around to do beforehand.

Oh and the earbuds I bought the other day? They are going back...they hurt my ears and I was constantly adjusting them. I think I am just going back to standard headphones.

Weight wise, my drastic plan is working...6lbs down since Saturday (was 167.4!) which a lot is water loss. So next week shall be interesting. Saturday I get a free meal...looking very forward to that and so is my body, it's looking for some carbs.


Well I've been drained of blood and I go back in two weeks for results. He's out of town for a few days next week which is why we made the appointment for the following.

He asked me what I was looking for and I responded in truth, nothing really, but peace of mind. He's testing for uric acid, white/red blood count, electrolites, liver, kidney, iron, etc. He is even testing my cholesterol...those results I don't even want :P

Long Day…But I Went!

I lost 7 pounds even steven this week, most of it is more than likely water weight which is normally what the first week of weight loss in a low carb diet consists of. I am doing kind of a low carb diet, kind of...

I renegged on my request for a size 12 pant for work which I had requested about 3 weeks ago as my 10s actually HURT and the legs were super duper tight. This week, things are fitting a lot better and I'm excited to visit again.

Today was my free meal day, I did take it and will take one on Monday. Though I must note, the reason that I am allowing both, is that the free meal is not to consist of bad choices. Tonight I had a few cucumber rolls and a caesar salad and will have some fruit later. I didn't go to McD's or Wendy's, I chose healthy and will do so on Monday night with more than likely a nice big salad of some sort. Today's meal did two things for me...made me feel like I wasn't on a diet and being deprived of food and loaded me with carbs again to get me through another week :)

Well off to watch some movies, hope you had a good Saturday :)

A Balancing Act

Today was shopping day, I needed some T’s for the gym, new shoes and a new bag as my current one smelled like ass. I bought myself my first ever pair of New Balance runners, normally I am a ‘Just Do It‘ kind of gal, so I hope the NBs don’t let me down. I spent $102 (they were on sale, normal price $110 before tax) on these things…they best not!

I then headed to WalMart and bought four B.U.M. Ts, $7.98 each (black, baby blue, coral and pink) and a new bag that will easily hold my stuff - my last bag barely could contain my workout clothes and my runners :|

The bag is all packed for tomorrow and the thought has crossed my mind that I could go first thing in the morning as I don’t have to be into work til 9am as I worked 2 hours extra today. If I don’t go in the morning, I will have to go after my 2nd job (both jobs tomorrow) which I work til 9pm and won’t get to the gym until 930pm or slightly thereafter. But no matter what time I go…I will be going. I am actually looking forward to it.

Food good today, nothing spectacular but good.

Well I did it, I went to the gym and it was tough. Almost talked myself out of it too, but at the last minute I told the fatty in me to be quiet and that we were going. My feet, however are sore. No blisters to speak of but my big toes are sore. I came home and cut the nails on them as that was usually the problem with my older shoes but they weren’t really that long. I have packed thinner socks for tomorrow and if my toes get sore and feel bruised again, I will take the shoes back and try another, maybe just go back to my tried and true, Nike.

So to recap today, worked FT job (6 hours), then PT job (5 hours), went to gym (15min arc and 32min treadmill). Food, really good, probably a bit too low (will start counting calories again soon so I know), but I would rather type too low (sometimes) rather than too high.

The plan for tomorrow…good food and the gym :) Actually that is the plan for the rest of the week. I wanna see the 140’s again! I really, really, really…miss those numbers.

Monday, Monday

I don’t like Mondays, dunno why - but I dislike them, a lot. Which makes it super hard to get up in the morning, make it through the work day and get to the gym. Hence why I am not reporting that I got my booty to the gym :)

I did though, go grocery shopping. Picked up some milk for my cereal (Special K and Mini Wheats that were on sale at my pt job), potatoes for my dinners, english muffins and some instant oatmeal.

Today for breaky I had a bagel and cream cheese (didn’t have milk for cereal or instant oatmeal) and lunch was some salad with chicken. Dinner, which I just finished, caesar salad. I’m on a salad kick :)

The plan for the week, in order to get the three workouts in:

Tue, Wed (after work) and Thu, gym!

Fri and Sat I am working with Dad on his home so won’t be home to feed my face and working of some extra calories.

Well off to read some of the inspirational people over there on my right, catch you on the flipside!

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